Molly Conole

We’ve got a significant surge of musical energy and purpose showing up around here. In the last several months I’ve earned the friendship and fellowship of a talented artist, Molly [...]

Website Updates this Summer

We’ve done some nice improvements to this website in the last month. We are now featuring podcasts. We’ve been doing podcasts for the local radio station MVYRadio 88.7 FM. Laurel [...]

A new way to connect to friends.

Yesterday, I launched my Patreon page. Visit to get a flavor. Patreon is a social network, a tool connecting artists to their audience in a more personal and [...]

Welcome to the Ship Report

  In February 2020, I appeared on a radio station in Astoria, Oregon: Radio station KMUN as part of The Ship Report, “All Things Maritime” Podcast and Radio Show, [...]

My Favorite Guitar

This spring I sent my favorite musical instrument to the guitar hospital. While she was away getting fixed, I missed her. I’ve had my friend, a Guild D-40 acoustic guitar by my side for a [...]