The Annual FisherPoets Gathering

The annual FisherPoets Gathering is a celebration of the commercial fishing industry in Astoria, Oregon. Since 1998, fisherpoets, performers, and their fans have gathered on the last February weekend to host their cultural reunion through poetry, prose, and song.

This year, 2019, Mark will be attending the event on the weekend of February 22, 23 and 24. This is his fourth year as a contributor. He reads poetry, tells stories and sings songs.

Gathering in Astoria’s pubs, galleries, restaurants, and other venues, the poets, songwriters, and storytellers of FisherPoets have offered a creative outlet for the industry’s fishing fleet and friends. This event has also received national and international media fame since its inception.

Mark Performing at the 2018 FisherPoets Gathering. He sings the song Fishing Boat Sarah.