Website Updates this Summer

We’ve done some nice improvements to this website in the last month. We are now featuring podcasts. We’ve been doing podcasts for the local radio station MVYRadio 88.7 FM. Laurel Redington hosts a program called The Vineyard Current. We give her two podcasts a month, she does some tidying up and put them up. The reception has been terrific.

With podcast success behind us, we are featuring them here. To get to the page featuring the podcasts go to Shoreside Storyteller and click on podcasts. You can get there by clicking this link:

The page is new. Laurel’s reach far exceeds the shores of this Island off the coast of Massachusetts. She has a lot of followers and we are honored to be in her fold.

We also updated the website to make CDs more accessible. For those who like to do their shopping online we’ve added a Paypal button.

All this wonderful work was done by our web folks: Doohickey Creative. We are so happy about the work they do.

This is not your off-the-shelf website. And our mission isn’t textbook. We are so thankful for their help.

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