About Martha’s Vineyard

Located 3 miles south of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard is the largest Island in Massachusetts. It a place rich in lore. The island, where Mark Alan Lovewell lives, is a bustling summer resort half of the year. At other times it’s a relatively quiet community. There are still remnants of the old fishing community and many small farms. Vineyarders are an independent insular New Englanders. There is plenty to tell about this place apart from the mainland. There are places like Wasque Point, Katama, Menemsha, Sengekontacket and Aquinnah, all names handed down from Native Americans who resided on the Island well before white settlers. The population is a small 15,000 in the winter and over 100,000 in the summer. There are schools, churches, grocery stores and plenty of automobile traffic at the height of the season.

Martha’s Vineyard is as rich in maritime heritage as it is in white sandy beaches. There are stories to be shared about the fishermen of today and the whaling captains of yesterday. There are tales of ships lost at sea and those that were wrecked near shore during storms and fog. There is agriculture, plenty of farming with large open fields with wandering cows and sheep. Martha’s Vineyard is an insular community with plenty of inside stories about how people make it from one New England season to the next.