Song: Let’s Go to the Fair

We have no fair this year. There is no real foot stomping, musical, carnival ride, family friendly event this weekend. With the pandemic, we are all in safe mode, so no fair.. The above photograph was taken this past week, the week of the annual Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society annual fair. It is sad, but it is also proactive, safe and the right way to get through this tough year.

Instead, the wonderful folks who run the fair have shifted their attention to hosting a virtual fair, an event online. They’ve got an auction and plenty of things going on. Let’s hope they do okay. Like so many fair organizers across the country this is a tough economic crunch. It hurts in a lot of places beyond their pocketbooks. So many depend on the fair.

A few weeks ago I was invited to enter a song in the virtual music tent… It was a contest, a fun contest. I met the deadline by six hours and won for a song called: “Let’s Go to the Fair.”

I am feeling really fortunate. The song celebrates the fair. Take a look and listen at this site: for my song and the songs of others.

It is a wonderful treat to be surrounded by so many talented musicians…. and the usual wonderful fair supporters and friends.

My hope is that something positive comes out of it all.