A new way to connect to friends.

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Yesterday, I launched my Patreon page.

Visit https://patreon.com/markalanlovewell to get a flavor.

Patreon is a social network, a tool connecting artists to their audience in a more personal and potentially more creative way.

Patreons are patrons. They are folks who contribute some money each month to support the artist of their choice. It is different from a pay-to-go concert, a pay-to-participate art show, a pay-to-connect with an artist service.

It is all those things wrapped into a community living room.

Right now there are no subscribers. No one else is aboard. It is an empty vessel, an empty ship, an empty room.

My hope is that looking ahead folks will see value in getting involved.

I am such a strong believer, as a creative person, that the community supports me in so many different ways. While it is true I am the captain of my own ship, I am truly attuned to the idea that fellowship helps me move along in my journey.

It is the coal burning in the steam engine.

It is the wind in my sail.

What do I see being added? I will be sharing the maritime and waterfront stories, music and photography like I always do. It will be the same but different. I see it related to subscription-based service. To all my friends who have enjoyed my work for free, this doesn’t mean I am leaving. It simply means that I am exploring new ways to increase my income when I haven’t been able to this year.

So, really a Patreon presence makes total sense. My reluctance, my hesitation in this moment is more about doing something new alone. And looking ahead, it will be quite different. I won’t be alone.

Check it out. You don’t have to do it today. But know, looking ahead you will always be welcomed.


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