Molly Conole

We’ve got a significant surge of musical energy and purpose showing up around here. In the last several months I’ve earned the friendship and fellowship of a talented artist, Molly Conole, also of Martha’s Vineyard.
She is a singer, a songwriter and an especially talented supporter of the arts. She has the sensibilities of a woman who has grown up living near the ocean.
I invite you to go visit her website:
You’ll discover she is far more talented than my words can report. In the last several months she has joined with me, or, I have joined with her to sing and tell stories.
For those who have followed me on Facebook, Molly has already earned the hearts of so many. Once a week, we are now approaching our second year, I’ve done a Facebook live show on Sunday. It is called Sunday at Sea. The show is live starting at 8 p.m. EST. You can watch it then or watch it at your own convenience. Go to Facebook and do a search for me and you should with a little looking come up with the show. We’ve been doing them for quite a while.
In the last month these shows have been posted on my YouTube channel. Visit
In the last several weeks, she and I have worked on other creative projects. There are quite a few underway which include writing and recording songs. And looking ahead there will be some performances.
We’ll be unveiling these projects in the weeks ahead. I just wanted to alert you to the new changes happening around us.