Woodpile Ready for the Seasons Ahead.


Woodpile in my backyard.

Let’s welcome autumn. It has been a gusty week. Lots of fast moving clouds have moved overhead. The wind is blowing from the north and sometimes the windows of my old house rattle. Seems only yesterday I was sweating and changing t-shirts mid-day.

The season of autumn approaches. I love being a hard-core New Englander. Without seasonal change I’d be a dull boy.

Sure I feel lonesome when summer comes to an end. Sure I don’t want to put my shorts, my short-sleeve shirts away until next year. I am like everyone on that topic.

But, I do enjoy the thought of changes ahead…. Cooler nights, clearer skies, and the prospect of dew, the yellows and oranges in the familiar plants around me.

For reasons that are tied to growing up as a little kid going to school, my creative juices start flowing. I am especially mindful now of my best friend, getting my sleepy woodstove fired up after a summer slumber. This is a time to make music, practice my musical instruments and enjoy in the fellowship of a book, while sitting near my warm woodstove. Happy autumn!