Autumn Weather

Autumn is here and with it the colors of the season, a change to colder weather. A new storm, the remnants of Hurricane Zeta, is forecast to pass south of here tonight. I sit at my desk and look outside. There is a cold drizzle and barely any wind. Leaden clouds are low and darkening.

There is so much to do inside and while it is easy to focus on what needs to be done, my thoughts wander outside. I think of the pleasantries of the summer behind me and what lies ahead as the chilly winds are expected later today.

Geraniums still bloom in the outdoor flower box beneath my window. The grass in the yard is lush green, after being burnt brown for so long during the drought-like summer.

This is a season of transition, brought not only by storm but by the more subtle changes.

If I were to reach into my bag of Halloween tricks, I’d pull out a new project list: more writing, more music, and not to be left out garage projects.