A new way to connect to friends.

Yesterday, I launched my Patreon page. Visit https://patreon.com/markalanlovewell to get a flavor. Patreon is a social network, a tool connecting artists to their audience in a more personal and [...]

Sailing inland salt ponds

I learned to sail on Martha’s Vineyard in Edgartown’s two great waterways: the outer harbor and Katama Bay. At the height and hustle of summer, this is my place of refuge. Sailing is [...]

Share the Road

Sailing to me is a little bit like being one of those smiling drivers who for joy go around our island in antique cars. He is not keeping up with the faster traffic, so drivers in younger cars [...]

A Salty Corner

There is a pretty spot along the Edgartown waterfront that could be named “Salty Mechanic’s Corner.” I’ve noticed a more than usual number of boat mechanics working away [...]

Autumn Sailing

For many who love to take the helm of a sailboat, autumn is an especially wonderful time to ‘mess around in boats.’ There are days in September and October, and even a couple of days in [...]