Martha's Vineyard Folksinger CD Sales

A Child’s Island is the latest CD recorded and produced here on the Vineyard. It is a collection of folk songs and stories suitable for children and the young at heart.

Martha's Vineyard Folksinger CD Sales

Martha’s Vineyard Folksongs is a collection of folk songs and sea songs that have been sung on the Vineyard for years. Some are old and part of the maritime history of the Island. Others were fashionable in their day.

Martha's Vineyard Folksinger CD Sales

Sea Songs of Martha’s Vineyard is a collection of songs that were sung on the Vineyard and afar by sailors years ago, in the days before steam engines, in the days before gasoline and diesel, when ships were powered by the wind and the strength and endurance of those who sailed them.

Know that when you purchase a CD, you are supporting this artist. These CDs were home-brewed, home-cooked, homemade here on the Vineyard. Support your local neighborhood musicians. There are a lot of good ones around.

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