New in this World of Blog

We might have waited another year to come up to say “hello.” Another year would have made it so much easier. Our research would have been done, the homework completed. The pencils we use would be sharper and our thoughts and sentences keener.

Blogging has been around for so long. We’ve read the dialogue between the experienced writers and the beginners. The experienced writers are easier to read. They’ve got the language, the syntax down. They are good at what they do.

For us, it got down to a matter of urgency. We are storytellers. I am a writer by trade and sharing is a big part of what I do. This couldn’t wait another year.

I haven’t felt this awkward since I got my driver’s license when I was 19. It was time. I know where the pedal, the brake and the steering wheel are located. It just got down to sitting in the driver’s seat.

We live on an island. As I suspect, my newest of friends will be from afar, you might as well know this peculiar fact up front. We are off the coast of Massachusetts, on the island well known as Martha’s Vineyard. It is a big island, four times the size of Manhattan and twice the size of Nantucket. There is plenty of room here, though all the time, there are those of us who feel differently about whether we can accommodate all who come here.

I could meet you at the boat if you came over. While the Island is huge, my home is within a three-minute walk from the Vineyard Haven dock where the ferry comes and goes. You’d be welcome here if you came, however, be warned.

In all my years of being here, I am reminded by first time visitors, they find this place surprising. This Island looks and feels a lot like the mainland. The traffic goes the right direction. The dollar bill can buy less here than on the mainland, but the rate of exchange, the value is pretty close. If you are a citizen, even an illegal alien you can come here. If you get in a line to get on the ferry, don’t fret. You don’t need your passport. The tough looking boys, wearing dark blue, only want your ticket.

Welcome to my blog. Perhaps you and I will meet sometime.