The Herring Song

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“Wherever a trickle of freshwater meets the sea,
There’s a herring waiting to come up stream.”

River herring, alewives, a beloved fish that swims along the Eastern seaboard, in our streams and rivers, are in trouble. Concerned about their numbers, in 2005, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts initiated a moratorium, a prohibition on the commercial and recreational catching of these fish in our state coastal waters. Other states along the coast followed suit to protect the fish.

Sixteen years later and the fish have shown only a slight improvement. Their numbers remain down. In many places, communities have taken action. They’ve taken down dams and impediments that prevent these fish from coming home, coming inshore to spawn each spring. There is a move afoot, though slow, to rescue these troubled fish.

They are essential to the health of so many parts of the story. Every creature from striped bass to whales hunger for these fish. Probably every fish you love to eat, feeds on these important bait fish.

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Earlier this year, Mark Alan Lovewell was asked to write a song honoring this important fish and fishery. The song will appear in a compendium CD on the West Coast. That CD will be released later this year.
On May 28, the song was released through the major Internet music streaming organizations like Spotify as a single. You can hear it by joining with others. Go online and log into your favorite streaming service. For the next several weeks, Mark will be performing the song live on Facebook Live, a show he does every Sunday night at 8 p.m. His show is called “Sunday at Sea.”