Special Thanks

This page would not be possible without the help of a number of great organizations. Visit these pages for more information and see what they each offer.


A 54-year old sailing organization with over 1,200 members and their friends worldwide who enjoy day sailing and camp cruising. Members meet annually to pay homage to the catboat’s history.

Catboat Association: Cape Cod

A chapter of the Catboat Association. Sailors focus their attention on organizing and holding gatherings and events in the Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket area.

Sail Martha’s Vineyard

A nonprofit organization committed to helping Martha’s Vineyard youngsters get free sailing instruction. They also offer many programs to sailors of all ages for free and for a fee.

Vineyard Cup

This is a three-day sailing regatta in July that celebrates competitive sailing with boats of all sizes. The regatta is a principle fundraiser and attention grabber for Sail Martha’s Vineyard.