Newest Releases

Fisherman’s Love Song

Mark Alan Lovewell dedicated this song to a loving couple that have fished together for a long, long time. Using his song, he paints a comforting scene of a husband and wife spending the winter in a warm farmhouse singing and reading poetry.

Let’s Go to the Fair

Mark Alan Lovewell wrote the song Let’s Go to the Fair last year as a Pandemic 2020 entry in a musical contest hosted by the fair people. They organized a virtual fair with virtual shows and a virtual music contest

The Herring Song

Earlier this year, Mark Alan Lovewell was asked to write a song honoring this important fish and fishery. The song will appear in a compendium CD on the West Coast.

With the Fishes

This CD is dedicated to Mark Alan Lovewell’s grandson, Luca, a West Coast salty young fella, his peers, and his family. This is to youth for what lies ahead in our journey to respect, protect and harvest from our wild oceans.