Mark Alan Lovewell - Writer


Illustration by Frank S. Lovewell


From Vineyard Style Magazine, Spring 2002:


    We’ve now evolved into a bedroom tourist community. More and more of the homes built are occupied by those from afar. The Vineyard has become a summer destination, where people come to fill their lives with sunshine and recreation, and they bring with them a different social theatre.


    For me - like so many other good folks on this Island - just by prevailing, by hanging onto this community by my fingernails -- we can make a significant social contribution to this place. Just staying true to what is already here is no small accomplishment. By staying connected to this Island by eking out a living, by holding onto a home by the seat of my pants, and by carrying on as a story teller in words, pictures and music, I have a paycheck rising above all else.


    The ultimate perk of chronicling what I see is I get to grow into an old timer here. I get to recall when events were different. I get to rattle off stories about how Turtle Lawry once landed swordfish at Memorial Wharf in Edgartown. I get to remember the Nobska tooting its steam horn as it pulled away from the Oak Bluffs wharf. I can tell others how I remember dairy farms and even at least one turkey farm. I get to remember when the Gay Head Cliffs were redder.


    I get to be the sailor on the fantail, at the stern of this Island vessel, who has a long view of the ship’s wandering wake going out past the horizon.




John Budris, editor of Vineyard Style Magazine wrote on the opening page of his Spring 2002 magazine:


    “As we move into our third spring of Vineyard Style I am always amazed at how many stories are camouflaged right around the corner. Take Mark Alan Lovewell. Every Islander knows his 15-year byline from the Vineyard Gazette. His pictures mark every issue. Most Vineyarders have listened to him sing someplace, sometime. Yet few know anything about the man hiding under the hood of his antiquated large format camera. Ignoring the warning of the Wizard of Oz, we do pay some attention to that man behind the photographer’s curtain and put an end to Mark’s mystery.”

Mark Alan Lovewell

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